How do I edit?

Well, if you have seen any of my work, everything is edited in different ways. But still, it is all determined on what kind of music I want to use for my project.
As for my Sizzle Reel, the way I am editing it is different then what I did in the past.

This timeline is a working in progress but will ultimately be the best Sizzle Reel that I will have made.

What am I going to name my process of editing, who knows, maybe I’ll call it the Vimpulse method, as what I like to do when I edit is, pick my music first, find out what kind of transitions would look good with the music, and then finally pull off all my footage off of my server to an Editing SSD.
When I first put my media into the timeline I normally put my favorite stuff first, least favorite in the middle and then my most favorite last.
(there is no room for bad footage)
And when it comes to actually figuring out how to put it all together, I edit on the beat. But then again you can add it on any beat as long as it stays consistent.

In the past, all that I would do is just throw past projects and videos that I have made into a timeline and tweak them just a little bit and then say it is a day and render it out. But now I’m taking everything I have learned in After Effects and premiere into one small project. Making my own sort of Brady Bunch boxes for easy transitions, creating a flickering LED light the name of my company and also what i do which is Filmmaking more will be added to the sizzle Reel as time goes by (Will be done in a week or two)

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