Do you have a stabilizer for your phone?

(My opinion upon this topic)

You might be an amateur photographer, the next upcoming YouTube celebrity, and or want to create a short film but can’t as many new content creators don’t have money for DSLR Cameras.

For an amateur photographer, a stabilizer could be the make-or-break of a photo because you have less motion blur in the photo. The stabilizer could help make any shot look remarkable. With the stabilizer and phone, you can get into smaller spaces where you can’t with the DSLR, and control any camera app you have without touching the camera.

Starting a YouTube channel. Most people only just have their phones and nothing else. But the thing is phones nowadays can do so much more than what they could perform five to ten years ago. All the modern phones can make DSLR cameras obsolete, so why not pair your phone with a stabilizer. Let’s think of a possible YouTube video. A festival but the footage is bouncing all over the place. You’re not in the frame. There’s a ton of motion blur and the phone is about to die and lose all the data. Well, that’s why a stabilizer in this situation, even on the rockiest train your footage will be smooth or close to it, be in the frame there might remain a little bit of motion blur but not a lot and most importantly some stabilizers come with a USB interface to charge the phone. The most known stabilizers DJI Osmo Mobile 3 and DJI Osmo Mobile 4 allow the user to connect a lavalier microphone to the phone without worry.

There are tons of people just making short films from their phones, and the reason for that is because DSLR cameras are becoming obsolete with the newest sensor technology. There are tons of phones out there that can do 4K 60 frames per second video recording as not a lot of DSLR cameras can do, those phones in addition include apps to develop the footage look a certain way. Making a short film with the stabilizer will make your DOP (Director of Photography) slightly happier.

Going back to DJI Osmo they provide an app that can allow multiple different things like Gestures & Selfies, Dolly Zoom, Active Tracking 3.0, Sport Mode, Panorama, Timelapse, and Slow Motion.

In conclusion, either if you’re an amateur Photographer, YouTube upcoming Star, or just a short film director. The stabilizer can help perform multiple things.

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