Ready Player Earth

It is funny to me, we are so close to Ready Player One as we have VR (virtual reality), VRchat that’s like the Oasis, haptic suits, gloves, shoes that make you feel pain when something in the game hurts you and last but not the least omnidirectional VR treadmills to make any space VR ready.

Info on Ready Player One Within the movie/book, we follow the life of Wade Watts and their world. They have everything that I have stated above and so much more in the year 2045. But in the world it’s on the brink of collapse are they are overpopulated, not enough food going around, and many other things that aren’t shown in the movie or books.

The Fun As of writing this, it’s 2021 the year of COVID that started in March 2020. During the pandemic, all this stuff has been useful for a lot of people to keep on socializing, watch movies in a virtual theatre, go to a virtual Pub to meet new people, or jump into an online game and kill some zombies. All this can be done within VRchat. It has brought so many people from different countries together. Broke down the boundaries of race, religion, and gender to make a fun experience for everyone.

The Terrible, The Reality of Ready Player One could become real. Among the most pressing environmental issues that are silently aggravating the forces behind global warming, environmental pollution, habitat loss, the sixth mass extinction, a greater need for farming practices, and consumption of natural resources that have been finite at speed faster than their rate of regeneration. The depletion of Natural Resources continues to drop as the human population grows, which places stress on basic life-sustaining resources, leading us to a diminished quality of life. The same thing goes for other animals as they also rely on resources to live, but not just that as they are experiencing habitat loss, and it’s our fault.

With every year, we creep closer to the Reality of Ready Player One, the technology will become more evolved, we will become more dependent, and the world will suffer.

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