About Me

My name is Michael. A Video Production Diploma, an Advanced Film-making Graduate Certificate thru Durham College. In my downtime, I do my best to excel in my craft and learn new things.
I am a hard-working individual who is very dependable and always on time. Able to work independently and also with others quite effectively.

Video Production taught me all the basics and some advanced video and photo techniques within the two-year program. I made connections with multiple other students, and we collaborated on multiple projects to help each other succeed. It was competitive. All of us wanted to stand out and make a name for ourselves. As for myself, I was a documentary shooter and video editor, I was inclined into making documentaries about things that I feel are important.

Advanced Film making was a big leap, going from making documentaries to making short films. During this course, I learned how to be a valuable team member that can help out in almost any department. I re-learned some after-effects on my own to prepare for my short film. Contacted my friends and got them to help out on my crew. I assisted a few of the other students in their short films in the capacity of assistant director, cameraman, director of photography, production manager, equipment manager, lighting, and audio technician.

Here’s my Demo Reel and Sizzle Reels.

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